12 May 2021

Project documentation received a positive opinion

FAU "Glavgosexpertiza of Russia" considered the project documentation on compliance of the results of engineering surveys with the requirements of the technical regulations of the construction of LLC «Shakhta Sibirskaya» at the «Kuznetskaya Mine Field», Stage 1.


Based on the results of the state examination, a positive conclusion of the project documentation was issued.

In accordance with the project carried out, it is planned to develop reserves in the north-eastern part of the mine field. Coal mining is planned to be produced from the Nadbaikimsky and Baikaimsky seams.

Before mining starts, surface buildings and structures will be put into operation at 3 industrial sites:

  • the industrial site of the central bremsbergs;

  • the industrial site of field slope No. 1;

  • the industrial site of the eastern flank shafts.


The industrial sites will be connected by the necessary non-site facilities: roads, power lines, pipelines and a bridge across the Yin River.