14 August 2019

“Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC helps young geologists

From July 26 to August 5, 2019 in Novosibirsk on the basis of children's sanatorium camp "Jubilee" the XII all-Russian open field Olympiad of young geologists took place. The main goal of the Olympiad is to educate patriotism, love for the native land, respect for nature and mineral resources of Russia. The participants included 39 teams from 29 regions of Russia, 6 neighboring countries and Mongolia, more than 400 participants. The competition was held in 12 specialty areas.

Within the framework of charitable assistance and for technical equipment of the participants “Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC acquired and relaied as a gift to the org.Committee of the Olympic games 5 sets of geological and computer equipment.

In order to help the participants of the Olympiad, visit of the IT expert of the “Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC was organized. He described to the young geologists the device of the microcomputer, carried out the connection and configuration of the equipment. Also, constant assistance was provided in the organization and preparation for events in different disciplines, assistance to volunteers.   

We can say that there is contribution of “Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC to qualitative organization and equipment of the participants of the Olympiad.