1 July 2019

New life of the administrative-household industrial complex of "Shakhta Sibirskaya" LLC

Administrative-household industrial complex "Shakhta Sibirskaya" LLC was built in the late forties. In appearance, the building inspires durability and reliability. However, over a long period of existence, the structures have lost their strength, communications have become outdated and have lost their functionality, the accommodations do not match modern sanitary and hygienic and technological requirements.

The management of our enterprise in the first days of the start of construction of the «Shakhta Sibirskaya» made a firm decision that comfortable and safe working conditions should be created for workers who work in a modern high-performance enterprise. Active works began in the administrative-household industrial complex with a total area of 6,850 sq.m.

The first thing the builders took up is the reconstruction and overhaul of the washing compartments for the workers. At the beginning of April, the first tunneling teams bathed in bright, spacious mining baths that meet all modern requirements. In parallel with this, work is being done on the following areas of vital importance for the building: - strengthening of foundations, load-bearing walls, interfloor floor slabs, complete replacement of the roof, window and door blocks.

The second finished stage included a lamp room, a laundry for workers and a shower room and a sauna for women, whose work involves the use of overalls.

Today, work is actively carried out on redevelopment, repair and decoration of the dining room, health center, mine rescue station, control room and facilities for issuing work orders to employees. All premises are built according to a previously developed design project. 

The control room is designed according to the most modern technologies, enabling the mountain dispatcher to control any information online, into the flesh, before a visual inspection of any fragment of interest, both underground workings and surface complex objects. For this, a wall of visualization of approximately 15 sq.m will be installed, to which millions of channels for collecting, processing and providing information will flow. 

The main works in the administrative-household industrial complex are planned to be completed by the professional holiday –Miner's Day!