10 June 2019

Another production facility for the life support system of «Shakhta Sibirskaya» LLC was launched

“Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC is a new high-performance enterprise, where it is planned to use modern equipment that meets all safety and environmental requirements. One of the main goals of our team is the creation of comfortable, safe jobs and, of course, the preservation of the beautiful nature of our region.

In the Kemerovo Region, at the initiative of the governor, the regional program “Clean Kuzbass” and a regional environmental standard is being developed - a set of measures that will improve the appearance and ecological condition of the region. This program aimed at monitoring of compliance with environmental standards by industrial and coal companies, the creation and development of specially protected natural areas.

The first step in this direction was made. On 15 May the construction was completed and the first stage of the mine water treatment plant was commissioned, which will allow to drain a significant part of the mine field by the time of the development of the active preparatory (tunneling) works.

4.2 million kub.m of water must be extracted from the underground, cleaned and, after treatment, dumped into the natural environment. To achieve this goal, the application of the most reliable advanced technologies and the purchase of new modern equipment were projected.

From the first days of the mine’s work, environmental issues were at the forefront. The group of engineers of “Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC and “Investregionstroy – Kuzbass” LLC has studied in detail all possible water inflows and qualitative characteristics of mine water based on geological reports and materials of mines working in close proximity to our mining allotment. 
Based on these studies, together with “Promekologiya” LLC, the most rational and effective cleaning scheme was chosen.

The work ahead is still immense - it is necessary to build and put into operation the second stage of mine water treatment facilities. To this end, it is planned to build two sump cards with a total capacity of 133,842 kub.m, pumping and filtering installations, and a pipeline for dumping purified water.

Implementation of all planned environmental measures will reduce harmful emissions and minimize the impact of the activities of "Shakhta Sibirskaya" LLC on the environment.

The management of Shakhta Sibirskaya understands the significance of these issues and the high degree of their responsibility. From the very beginning of its activity, the goal has been set and is being fulfilled - to fully comply with environmental standards and norms.