Alexander Starikov

In 1973 Alexander Starikov had graduated with honors Donetsk Polytechnic Institute the Department for Mining.

1973-1976 - For four years he was employed as senior engineer and as senior research officer at the Donetsk Mines Design Institute “Dongiproshakht” and at Ukrainian Branch of the All-Union Research Mine Surveying Institute.

1976-1985 - Within the period of 9 years he held positions from mining foreman to deputy mine director for production at Batov Coal Mine, Donetsk Region, Ukraine.

1985-1990 - Chief engineer of the “Zhdanovskaya 3-4” Coal Mine. Over 5 years, all chain of the mine’s technology was completely re-equipped, that helped to turn an ordinary coal pit into a full-fledged complex for the production of high-quality coal.

1990-1998 -, Mr. Starikov was appointed Technical Director of “ShakhterskUgol” Production Association, where he led the deployment of new equipment and of advanced technologies, and carried out comprehensive coal mining revamp programs. On the basis of the “Zhdanovskaya 3-4” Coal Mine, the “DON” Production Association was created where Mr. Starikov was appointed Technical Director.

1998-2012 Mr. Starikov had position of Chairman of the Board of “Zarechnaya” Coal Company. Under his guidance and immediate involvement a series of high-performance producing entities has been established, modernized and revamped:

Honours and Awards:

2018 - Currently Mr. Starikov is responsible for the strategic development of “InvestRegionProm” Group.


Konstantin Skryl

Konstantin Skryl in 1989 graduated from Donetsk Polytechnic Institute with a degree in technology and integrated mechanization of underground mining of mineral deposits.

1989-2011 –      Mr. Skryl held positions:

2012-2016 –      Mr. Skryl was promoted to positions:

The managers of the Group implemented and successfully operated the following projects:

“Zhdanovskaya” Coal Mine (Ukraine)

“Zarechnaya” Coal Mine (Russia):

“Oktyabrskaya” Coal Mine (Russia):

“Alexievskaya” Coal Mine (Russia):

“Anjerskaya” Coal Mine (Russia):

“Sputnik” Coal Preparation Plant (Russia):

“Karagailinskaya” Coal Mine (Russia):

“Karagailinskaya” Coal Preparation Plant (Russia):